Hi, my name is Yuriy & I am a
Certified Acumatica Developer Full stack .Net Developer Acumatica integration specialist

During 10+ years of experience I've been in following roles:
Junior developer, Middle level developer, Senior Developer and Team Lead.

My Acumatica certificates


Hello, I'm full stack .Net developer with huge experience in programming of systems of different levels of complexity and scalability. Unfortunately due to signed NDAs I can't tell you names of my customers, but I can say that for years among my customers were the companies from Fortune 500 list as well as startups. Some of the products that I've developed were CRM, ERP, Accountancy systems.

For now I've decided to specialize myself in Acumatica ERP. If you need to extend, modify, integrate your Acumatica instance, you are in correct place. For now I already implemented the following modules for my customers: Payrol, Modification of Accounts Payable & Accounts receivable, integration with Jira, Updating currency exchange rate for exotic currency pairs ( Ukrainian Hryvnya, or Belorussian rubles ), and some other activities.

My Acumatica certificates

At this page you can see all my Acumatica certificates. I've passed all learnning cources for Acumatica developers and integrators that were available at their training web site.


S400 Introduction to Acumatica Technology


T100 Introduction to Acumatica Technology


T101 Acumatica Development Tutorial


T200 Acumatica Framework Fundamentals v. 5.0.


T300 Acumatica Customization Platform


T900 Acumatica Web Services

What can I do for you

I can modify, extend, integrate
behaviour of Acumatica to any kind of what you need. Also my main strength and weakness is statement done is better then perfect. Quite often I see that users of Acumatica ask programmers to make for them home. But as outcome they recieve Taj Mahal. And also it can be beautifull or wonderful, but for Acumatica user it can be late. I make thorough analysis in order to make sure what person wants and only then accomplish programming.


Due to usage C# as backend Acumatica can be integrated with anything. Starting from file system and completing with ebay, jira, Amazon

Highly qualified

As full Stack developer with 10+ years of experience I can search for non standard solutions in case if you really need them

Accounts payable

I've already helped some of my customers to get from Acumatica not just standard Acounts payable, but Acounts payable that feet especially for needs of company

Acounts Receivable

That feature is also available in Acumatica. If you really need to add something special you are at correct place


Acumatica in itself has CRM. So there is not need for you to search for any other product. With Acumatica and my help you can get really customized CRM for your needs

Simple result

I can provide you with zip archive and detailed instructions on how to install that customization into your Acumatica instance


If you are still have doubts let's talk and check
I can configure for you personal test instance of Acumatica on two users and you can check either Acumatica instance, or talk with me and you can remove your doubts

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